Charming eyes without a technician!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Helen Nguyen, and I am a specialist in eyelash extensions. I have a passion for precision and perfection, as I believe that beautiful, long, and stunning eyelashes are essential for a flawless appearance.

My love for eyelash extensions began when I was young. I never went a day without wearing false lashes, and then I discovered the art of self-applying extensions at home, which changed my life!!!

- Helen Nguyen , Founder and CEO

We innovate for you

Throughout my journey in the eyelash industry, I struggled to find a brand that offered consistent quality and high standards. Most adhesives on the market could only hold lashes for up to three days. Determined to find a solution, I immersed myself in the search for a special adhesive that could self-apply lashes without causing irritation, dissolve without damaging natural lashes, and have a longevity of up to 14+ days. This unique adhesive is awaiting patent approval. Meanwhile, I continued to research and develop suitable lash clusters until I was satisfied.

- Helen Nguyen

OVO LASH represents a breakthrough in the beauty and self-applying eyelash field. With the innovation of OVO LASH, having alluring and sparkling eyes is no longer a distant dream.

The self-applying technology of OVO LASH has revolutionized how we perceive eyelash extensions. With a simple and safe process, OVO LASH helps you achieve thick, long, and natural-looking lashes in no time.

With OVO LASH, the process of applying eyelash extensions has become easier than ever before. The advanced system allows us to customize the thickness, length, and curl of the lashes according to our preferences. Each lash is carefully selected and blended naturally, creating a perfect set of lashes that enhance the natural beauty of your face.

Moreover, the standout technology of OVO LASH saves you time and effort. No need to spend hours sitting in a salon. You can now perform the lash extension process at home with the support of OVO LASH products. Applying self-applying lashes has become more accessible, and you can enjoy natural and long-lasting results right from the comfort of your own home.

With the self-applying technology of OVO LASH, you no longer have to worry about thin and sparse lashes. Embrace the confidence and allure that beautiful lashes bring and experience a fresh way to enhance your appearance with OVO LASH.