Step 1 : 

Apply a thin layer of SUPER BONDER under your natural lashes. Al little goes a long way! 

Step 2: 

Use the MAGIC TWEEZER to pluck a CLUSTER MINK from a tray .Put the cluster eyelashes gently underneath your natural lashes. 

Step 3: 

 Use the MAGIC TWEEZER or CRESCENT TWEEZER to squeeze the CLUSTER MINK against your natural lashes, this helps the cluster adhere for a more secure hold. 

Step 4: 

Brush a light coat of OVOLOCK WATERPROOF for reinforcement - this final touch eliminates any sticky residue and holds the CLUSTER MINK in place!  your brand

REMOVAL (with Remover 10 ml)


The lashes are too long, can i cut them?

No, you are able to cut the width of the lash sections, not the length.

Can The Lashes get wet

OVO LASH can get wet, but long-term exposure can affect retention. Crimping and washing the lashes when going through extreme environments is essential. Wait a couple of hours to get your new set of lashes wet so the adhesive can have time to cure.

Can I overlap the lashes?

Yes, we suggest to slightly overlap as it can it affect the style if it’s too overlapped.